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Co-Teach is now offering Family-Child Resiliency resources in a small group format for children aged 4 to 8 and their families. Activities focus on building strong attachments that result in healthy and resilient family-child interactions. Specifically, families can expect Co-Teach staff to assist them in reaching the following goals:

  1. Understanding and coping with their child’s emotional responses;
  2. Managing child triggers and challenging behaviors;
  3. Creating a toolbox of predictable, safe, and appropriate responses to their child’s behaviors;
  4. Developing and enhancing predictable routines and rituals; and
  5. Building self-regulation skills for the child and parents.

Families may participate in a variety of customizable program options, and coordination with other relevant service providers is available as needed or requested. For more information, please contact Andrea Holmes at (406) 243-6445 or andrea.holmes@mso.umt.edu

Since its inception in 1980, Co-Teach has been devoted to providing high-quality, inclusive education services to young children with diverse abilities because we recognize the benefits of early intervention to children, families, and communities. Furthermore, we understand that early childhood experiences have a significant impact on children’s overall development and learning. Originally funded by a federal grant on the principle that children learn best in an inclusive setting, Co-Teach has served more than a thousand children in its 35+ years of operation. We value diverse abilities, cultural backgrounds, and family structures and believe that all children and families’ unique histories and experiences matter. Co-Teach embraces a collaborative teaching model that promotes positive relationships while guiding children in their development of healthy behaviors and social/emotional competence.

If you are looking for preschool services for a 3- to 5-year-old child, you may wish to contact one or more of the following local providers:

  • Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS): Kathleen Nerison, (406) 728-2400 x1054
  • Missoula Area Education Cooperative (MAEC): Dr. Linda Maass, (406) 258-4861 (Alberton, Arlee, Bonner, Charlo, Clinton, DeSmet, Dixon, Lolo, Potomac, St. Ignatius, Seeley Lake, Sunset, Superior, Swan Valley, and Woodman)
  • Child Start Inc. (Head Start): (406) 728-5460
  • Hellgate Elementary: Sally Woodruff, (406) 721-2160
  • Target Range School: Emilie Anderson, (406) 549-9239